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Pros and Cons of the ECO3 Scheme

Whilst the government’s attempt to help homeowners in need appears great on the surface, there are in fact both pros and cons to be considered before applying for the grant to replace your current boiler.

Pro: The scheme offers economically disadvantaged homeowners with cheaper energy bills and better boilers...

The government aims to provide 35,000 homes with discounted or free home heating. By fitting homes with insulation and more energy efficient boilers, the cost of energy bills could be reduced by up to £400 a year.

Con: The scheme only helps the most economically disadvantaged and misses a large chunk of people who need assistance...

Due to the annual cap of 35,000 households and the rule that any households above the cap must also require insulation, many financially disadvantaged people still miss out and don’t get the help they so desperately need.

Pro: The scheme helps to fight climate change...

Boilers between 5-8 years typically waste energy and require more fuel to generate heat and hot water. By installing newer, more efficient boilers in almost 1 million homes, the government will be saving around 1.8 million tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) from 2013-2022, helping to fight against climate change. Due to coal being the most polluting fossil fuel, ECO also rules that coal boilers will no longer be fitted.

Con: Gas boilers are installed...

Although the ECO3 scheme is aiming to fight against climate change, gas boilers are still being installed which burn fossil fuels that are harmful to the climate.

Pro: It’s easy to see if you’re eligible...

You can find out if you are eligible for the ECO3 scheme in 60 seconds using our Eligibility Quiz.

Con: It’s not free for all who qualify...

Although some people qualify for a free boiler and/or insulation, many will still have to contribute towards the installation.

Pro: Ensures the ‘Big Six’ companies comply.

Any of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies that aren’t fulfilling their duties to provide consumers with their target savings will be fined. In 2019, Ofgem (the administers of the scheme) fined the energy company Utilita £175,000 after they deprives consumers of £30,000 in energy savings. This money then went into the Energy Redress scheme, a fund which gives charities money to help economically disadvantaged people meet their energy needs.

Cons: Private tenants do not qualify.

Under the new scheme rules, private tenants do not qualify for the grant funding. If you require a new boiler for a tenanted property, we’d recommend visiting for a fixed quote from £10.19/month.